G-Form is a company dedicated to constantly improving your athletic experience and also to providing extreme protection for your personal electronics. Try their groundbreaking, and revolutionary technology and you may find yourself checking in better performance when it comes to crunch time. G-Form make products that make sense. They offer the latest in technological innovation to athletic protection to make it easier for you to do what you want to do. G-Form eliminate the constant worry that you’ll fall, slip, or slide , so that you can focus. Focus on winning. Focus on work. Focus on success.
Karmaloop is not just a website, it is a lifestyle.
Brick Harbor is the world’s local skate shop. Brick Harbor was designed with a commitment to skateboarding and a promise to provide top quality product and content. This channel will showcase exclusive content from some of our top brands but also from our team including: Dennis Busenitz, Jack Curtain, Gino Iannucci, PJ Ladd, Ishod Wair, Stevie Williams, and more.
Dickies is an iconic American brand and a leader in authentic, durable, and affordable workwear. Over the years, the Dickies brand has been a champion of youth culture, equipping people who go to work with clothes that last. Tune in for exclusive Dickies Sounds acoustic sessions from musicians and bands that embody our uncomplicated style, as well as special content from the Dickies skate team.
COMUNE was formed from the idea that there will always be people out there who not only embrace the rawness and imperfections of everyday life but use it to creatively push the boundaries of what’s possible in fashion through art, music, skate and snow with complete disregard of the consequences.
As an extension of eMuze, eMuze.tv is an online media channel that provides a platform for fans and aspiring talent to gain an inside look into the entertainment industry. From the interactions and intersections of Music, Fashion, Acting, Comedy, etc. eMuze.tv provides aspiring talent an opportunity to gain exposure while also serving as an educational tool to help them gain traction in and knowledge of their respective industry.
"Where Fashion and Entertainment Meet"
Navator is a multimedia company. We produce content that is influenced by art, culture and music. This channel features our film content from around the world.
VICE Media is a leading global youth media company operating in over 30 countries, and includes the world’s premier original online video destination, VICE.com; an international network of digital channels; a television and film production studio; a record label; an in-house creative services agency; and a book publishing division. VICE’s digital channels include The Creators Project, dedicated to arts and creativity; Motherboard, covering cultural happenings in technology; and Noisey, a new music channel.
Matt Alonzo is a leading force for the 2nd generation of Hip- Hop music video Directors. He has quickly established himself as a sought after name for creative, narrative-based music videos. This channel gives you an inside look into Matts daily life with behind the scenes pieces, music videos, viral content and also gives a glimpse into what the future holds for this burgeoning superstar Director.
Visual Vandal will feature the works of Christian San Martin. From music videos for some of the hottest newcomers to short films which have received rave reviews, expect to remain entertained at all times.
The Dirty Laces channel is “interviews on interviews” with Carissa Rossi… and no, this ain’t that run-of-the-mill, boring, staged bullshit you find on cable television. Strictly for the verge culture, expect random-as-fuck settings, off-the-top questions, and plenty of shock factor as you, the audience, dictate which subjects are interviewed with topics that go above and beyond the “typical” interview.
The works of photographer extraordinaire Ellen Stagg are showcased on the Stagg Street channel. With a focus on erotic art, which tastefully showcases the human body in all its different forms and types, Stagg Street is a true artistic expression of both inner and outer beauty.
Frends is a brand platform that follows the theory that "there is no I in Frends". We believe that frends are the family we choose. We are a collective family who celebrates life though sport, art, music and fashion. Frends provides a platform to share our passion for life and we creatively weave this inspiration through our products. We believe that innovation consists of seeing what everybody has seen and doing what nobody has thought. Welcome to Frends.
Palladium was founded in 1920 to make tires for the fledgling aviation industry. Tires were made by layering canvas bands underneath vulcanized rubber. Palladium’s expertise was so advanced that soon the majority of Europe’s aircraft were using Palladium tires.Today, the original design, classic lines and time tested utility are as relevant as they have ever been. Combining over 60 years of authenticity with modern manufacturing, premium materials and cutting edge styling, Palladium boots are ready to help you explore your street, your city, or the world.
Soul Assassins is a collective of multi-talented musicians, artists and producers. The Soul Assassins channel will give you a behind the scenes look at the late night sessions in DJ Muggs studio, the Soul Assassins radio show and the design process for Soul Assassins clothing. You will also get exclusive look at the lifestyle of the Soul Assassins members and extended family. Soul Assassins clothing consists of tees, hoodies, hats and accessories and is currently available at Karmaloop.
Noir Media Group is a company that specializes in Visual Media (still and motion photography). Headed by Nicholas Black (@NickNoir) based in Massachusetts. Producing quality Music Videos, BTS footage, and unique Electronic Press Kits for musical artist.
Lamp And Boat (LAB) is a creative production company, Started by Casey RAnderson, that is art driven and is inspired from the heart. LAB works with an understanding of both client needs and audience desires. We focus on every aspect of film, post production, and art direction. We service a wide range of corporate and independent clients including Manhattan’s elite fashion boutiques. We are able to craft messages in any media, with tones that range from sensual to pragmatic, our goal is to create and inspire through intimate storytelling.
“YOU CAN’T START A REVOLUTION WITHOUT BLOODSHED” Insight is a fashion led lifestyle label, born out of the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. We come from a surf heritage yet lead a lifestyle that encompasses all that is surf, skate, street, art, music, fashion and popular culture. Our designers follow their intuition paying little attention to where the crowd is heading, creating their own path into the design future.
HERE COMES THE NEIGHBORHOOD explores a unique juncture in history as a new community emerges and evolves. A progressive urban revitalization campaign is examined in the first person, using this year’s new Artists and their commissions as a lens to explore a neighborhood in transition.
FLüD was established in 2007 by a few good men who loved women, good food, dope fashion and good business. In an effort to bring the watch back to its rightful place as one of the ultimate accessories, the concept for FLüD was born. Our goal is to create unique, fresh watches for the casual and streetwear scene without the pretentiousness or price tag. Fresh style, nice price, its a simple formula. We could get more wordy, but its not what FLüD is about - its all about the watches.
exposure is a creative communications agency providing clients with integrated marketing and design solutions for fashion and lifestyle brands. Our capabilities include Design, Art Direction, Events, Media Relations, Digital and Brand Strategy. For additional information, please feel free to visit our website at www.exposure.net.
Since its inception in 1998, partners CYPRESS HILL and GUERILLA UNION have elevated CYPRESS HILL SMOKEOUT into the ultimate live experience, bringing together leaders in multi-music genres and advocates of the cannabis culture movement. CYPRESS HILL SMOKEOUT is a celebration of the pioneering combination of music and medicine.
I am expensive...
Chris Lee Started CtotheJL.com in '06, it's grown over the past years to be an everyday fashion blog that updates the latest skate, music, fashion and sneaker information. Now CJL is taking their content to KarmaloopTV for their own channel.
In 1977, Jake Burton Carpenter founded Burton Snowboards out of his Vermont barn. Since then, Burton has fueled the growth of snowboarding worldwide through its groundbreaking product lines, its team of top snowboarders and its grassroots efforts to get the sport accepted at resorts. In 1996, Burton began growing its family of brands to include boardsports and apparel brands. Privately held and owned by Jake, Burton’s headquarters are in Burlington, Vermont with offices in California, Austria, Japan and Australia.
All Day Apparel is a fashion forward basics brand, we emphasize on the cutting and fit of all our products to ensure maximum durability and comfort. All Day apparel is about pushing the boundaries in your daily activities, and in order to maximize performance, functionality and being comfortable is key. The All Day lifestyle is adaptive culture, we cater to every culture whether its skateboarding, music, graffiti, automotive, etc. Enjoy what you do, but push it to the limit.
Illusive Media is a multi-disciplinary video and interactive design company based out of Virginia Beach, Virginia. Since 2004, we have worked on various projects within the spectrum of digital and analog media for clients locally, nationally and internationally. Our work has appeared in various media outlets including Pitchfork, The Fader, The New York Post, Rolling Stones, 2Dopeboyz, Nah Right and SPIN Magazine. We have been able to direct videos for artists we are fans of, such as Lupe Fiasco, Kenna, The Clipse, David Banner, and Asher Roth and more.
The place for emerging culture—fashion, music, art and stuff. hearty is an online platform that focuses on emerging culture from a female perspective. Always using creative ways to present projects, with hearty nothing is done traditionally. From in-depth interviews with musicians to features on up-and-coming artists and photographers to profiles on happening designers, hearty is the place to experience all things culture.
"A NYC based art collective. We don't shoot music videos, design album covers or take photos. We create art"
Time flies when you're keeping CORRECT. We're as passionate as ever about innovation and the convergence of premium sound and aesthetic perfection. Whether delivering POW! to the people or carving up terrain that's covered with it, we occasionally disregard boundaries and mercilessly torment the status quo.
Society Original Products is a company that promotes positive and righteous ways of living. We produce clean garments and accessories, inspired by a blend of underground and popular cultures. The backwards Society logo is a bold statement and reflection of how we all live and function. Society is backwards because our society is backwards. Our products are designed to fit into and enhance your daily life. After all, it's not about just any lifestyle; it's about your individual life and style. We are a different brand
LRG is a support group for the independent trying to pay their rent with their passions. We’re a lifestyle brand engaged in the communities of music, sports and fashion. We relate to athletes of all types, musicians of different genres, and the culture of lifestyle clothing and street wear. Our content will have a wide range of focuses from an easy going, laid back session in the studio to a vigorous snow session with the nation’s top snowboarders. We will show our support to the different creative cultures.
With an unwavering focus on product research, development and attention to detail, our team-influenced footwear, bags, and luggage is built to take you around the world and back. We are a family of creative individuals who seek out adventure and discovery via global exploration. The DNA of Gravis is rooted in four elements: skate, snow, surf, and art. These are the building block of our brand. Gravis IV life.
Back when N*E*R*D first started, Pharrell and Chad described the group, saying, "N*E*R*D is a basic belief. People's energies are made of their souls. When you die, that energy may disperse but it isn't destroyed." And that is the lesson in all of this. This group of talented and successful artists shunned a dependence on their past and concentrated on their present, knowing that whatever they put out into the world would always be out in the world. They created NOTHING. And Nothing Ever Really Dies.
Brooklyn-based record label Fool’s Gold was founded in 2007 by DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs and quickly established itself with a non-stop series of releases bridging the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music, introducing artists like Kid Sister, Kid Cudi and Duck Sauce to the world while being dubbed an “indie innovator” by Billboard and a “tastemaker label” by the New York Times. With acclaimed graphic artist Dust La Rock evolving aesthetic for all Fool’s Gold visuals and merchandise, the company has become more than an independent music powerhouse, but a trendsetting lifestyle brand putting a unique stamp on events, collaborations and much more.
RVCA, it is about today, tomorrow and life as the big picture. It is about inspiring our generation, providing something of substance and culture and above all doing it with integrity and as a united family, a close-knit community.
In tune with its big brothers at Burton, Analog manufactures gear for the surf, skate and snow subcultures with a heavier focus on the apparel side. Featuring modern fits, classic aesthetics and edgy graphic design, Analog is a clothing company with just one goal: to create outside the lines and push creativity and individuality in skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. Remember to be open to more than one idea, consistently deliver the inconsistent and forge unlikely offerings to the status quo - then and only then will you be worthy enough to rock Analog.